Who Chooses LHR?

We cover companies that are looking for:

  • Objective research written for institutional investors but readable by all investors

  • Accessible research– We have worldwide audience that can find our research on 17 platforms and growing

  • A facility to avoid MiFID II restrictions

  • A way to increase awareness and broaden the base of prospective investors

  • A contract that says that our fee is for distribution and targeting and not for a research report – making it clear that our work is independent

Our reports are written for institutional investors who have exceedingly high expectations for objectivity.

We meet the high standards of our clients by following these guidelines:

  • We adhere to FINRA standards for quality and objectivity. All our reports are approved by a Series 16 licensed Supervisory Analyst prior to publication
  • Our price target, financial models, peer comparison and investment thesis are developed without input from management

  • We run our own due diligence, channel checks, satellite image checks and patent searches

  • We value management time. For our detailed initiation report, our engagement with management is typically limited to under one hour and focused on business and market descriptions
  • And while our reports are written for institutional investors, we consider our reports accessible to all

Our Research is Accessible

  • Traditional research distribution is limited to the broker’s clients

  • Our clients would like any current, former or prospective investor anywhere in world to access published research

  • We facilitate that by publishing our reports on a growing number of global platforms including Bloomberg, FactSet, S&P Global, Thomson Reuters and 13 others

  • It is also available to anyone visiting our website

Our research is not bound by MiFID II restrictions – It is accessible to all

There is an exemption for research which is “paid” for by the company.

LHR’s research distribution is paid for by the companies about which we write and, as such, falls within the scope of “minor non-monetary benefits,” as defined in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II.

In particular, Article 12(3) of the Directive states: The following benefits shall qualify as acceptable minor non-monetary benefits only if they are written material from a third party that is commissioned and paid for by an[sic] corporate issuer or potential issuer to promote a new issuance by the company, or where the third party firm is contractually engaged and paid by the issuer to produce such material on an ongoing basis, provided that the relationship is clearly disclosed in the material and that the material is made available at the same time to any investment firms wishing to receive it or to the general public…

The fact that we are commissioned to distribute research is disclosed in the disclaimer and the research is widely available

Our research will increase awareness and broaden your base

We have the ability to very specifically target lots of investors

For example, what if all your current analysts cover the steel industry but because an inordinate amount of your EBIT comes from the oil-field services business you would like investors in that sector to consider your company? We have tools to do that

For example, what if you are a Test and Measurement company, all your analysts cover Test and Measurement but you get a large proportion of your revenue from the aerospace industry. How can you get the attention of Aerospace investors? We have tools to do that